Need Help Loading & Unloading Storage Units, U-Hauls, or PODs? We Can Do That

You already rented the truck, POD, or storage unit. You just need help moving the stuff, which is often the hardest part of moving.

This is where we come to the rescue, offering the expertise and muscle you need to make your move a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose The Moving Company for PODS, Storage, or U-Haul Trucks You Rent?

Moving should be a spectator sport. 

Relocating and adjusting to a new location already has challenges and worries. Adding physical labor to the move doesn’t make it any easier. 

Our team takes the stress out of the moving process of moving your items from one place to another. Sure, we have trucks, but we also have the muscle and efficiency to transfer your items from one place to another, even if you rented the U-Haul, POD, or storage unit.

Our licensed, bonded, and fully insured team provides you with a detailed estimate, and we’re available every day of the week to make the move easier for you. 

Moving Labor

No matter what the situation is, our guys can handle it. Let’s say you’re all ready to go with moving your stuff with a U-Haul, POD, storage unit, or ABF trailer. But the help that promised they would show up backed out. 

Call us, and we’ll see if we can send a team to help. Now, we can’t promise that we can come in and help you with a last-minute move. We’re flexible, but we are busy, and we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can.

The more notice we have, the better your chances of getting a few helping hands to take care of your belongings. 

Experienced and Professional Team

We’re not just a group of strong guys (which we are)! We’re trained professionals who understand the nuances of packing, handling, and transporting your belongings from your truck to storage, from your POD to a truck, from your POD to a truck to storage, or wherever you need your stuff moved. 

We’re organized, quick, and knowledgeable. Think of us as a SEAL team. We arrive on the scene, assess the situation, move your stuff efficiently, and then finish the mission.

Efficiency and Time Management

We understand the value of your time. We operate on a two-hour minimum time policy, which is a win-win for you and our team. With a two-hour minimum, you won’t be overcharged for a move if you just need us for a couple of hours to load or unload your items.

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We’re efficient. Phil, of the dynamic Rob & Phil ownership team, was in the military. He knows what it means to get stuff done efficiently. Just read our Google reviews to see how many people have said, “Man, these guys got the job done faster than what they quoted us!”

We’re also versatile. Let’s say you’re moving stuff from the POD in your driveway to a new home 20 miles away. We can load the items fron the POD into your U-Haul truck, meet you at your house, unload the U-Haul truck, and be on our way. 

How to Book Us for Moving Labor

Booking The Moving Company’s services is a straightforward process.

 Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Get a quote: Fill out our form to get started. You can request a quote through our website or give us a call, providing the necessary details about your move. After a digital or in-person walkthrough, we’ll give you an estimate.
  2. Schedule your move: Once you’re ready to proceed, you can schedule your move. A dedicated project manager will work with you to find a convenient time and date that fits your schedule. We highly suggest giving at least three months’ notice in advance of a move. More time allows for more planning, especially for larger projects. During our busy months in the summer, we might have a three-week wait time if you’re flexible in your schedule.
  3. Sit back and relax: While The Moving Company’s team handles the heavy lifting, you can relax. We’ll ensure your items are loaded and unloaded with care.

Contact the Movers Who Give a Damn for Moving Labor

Need some extra muscle to do the hard work for your move? We can do that.  
Call us at (417) 501-9128, and we’ll see what we can do for you.