the moving company team member using dolly for cardboard boxes

Count on Us to Make Your Money Count

Time is money. Whether you’re an employee on the clock or paying for a service, you want to get your money’s worth, so to speak.

At The Moving Company, we’re not only movers who give a damn but also a company where you can count on us to make your money count.

Here’s how we do this.

Discounts for Veterans and First Responders

We’re a veteran-owned company. Phil joined the U.S. Army infantry in 2009, completing two tours of duty in Afghanistan, assisting his unit on combat patrols with special forces. 

We’re proud of our servicemembers, and we offer discounts to veterans, current military, law enforcement offices, EMS staff, fire personnel, and dispatchers. God has blessed us with a wonderful business, so we figured it would be appropriate to show our love for our nation’s branches of service. Our trucks showcase it, and we give back to those who have our backs.

Moving Jobs Done Efficiently

Our teams get moving jobs done efficiently. We know you’ve got stuff to do, too. Moving is our job. Your job is to live your life. Smaller moves may take two hours with just two guys, and we’ll get things done as soon as we can while making sure your belongings are protected and cared for when we’re handling your items.

Our team is well-trained, knowledgeable, credentialed, and insured. Our guys can get things done quickly and efficiently, whether we’re moving 1,000 boxes or one 1,000-pound pool table up two stairs or 200 stairs. We’ll get our job done effectively so you can get on with your day.

Read our reviews! You’ll see several that say we got the job done in less time than alloted and sooner than expected.

Hardworking Guys Who Love Their Jobs

Rob and Phil know the value of hard work. That’s why we hire hardworking people for every role we have. Yes, the movers who show up at your place to handle the load do the physical work. But our office staff also works hard to make sure you get a quality move at a competitive price.

Every move has a project manager assigned to you, and that person coordinates anything before and during the move. If anything unexpected happens, contact your project manager who will discuss what we’ll do next, whether you have to reschedule, the weather turns sour, or you have to take care of something else during the move.

The guys you’ll see on moving day truly shine. They know what to do the minute they see what’s heading onto the truck. But they’re also friendly. They’ll ask questions, get to know your names and do their job with a good attitude. Plus, our team knows the value of physical activity and staying in shape! They’ll get a workout, get paid for it, and finish each moving job with a smile on their faces.

Movers Who Give a Damn

Want some organized, efficient movers who give a damn to help you move your belongings across the street or across the country? Give us a call. We’ll take care of you.

Contact us or call (417) 501-9128 for more details.