Why It’s Cheaper to Hire Us When Moving to Missouri From These 6 Areas

Two Guys Next to a Large Moving Truck

As you plan your move to Missouri, there is one thing you need to seriously consider if you’re going to hire a moving company.  Is it cheaper to hire a moving company where you are or where you’re moving to? It’s a valid question because the cost of living is generally less in Missouri than […]

9 Pro Tips for Filling Your Storage Unit With Items

Self-Storage Unit Open With Items Inside

Spring is a time of renewal, week-long breaks from school for the kids, and for moving items you collected over the winter from your home to a storage unit. We’ve got nine pro tips on how to fill your self-storage unit with items for the most effective and efficient results. 1. Climate-Controlled or Outdoor Storage? […]

How to Handle Antiques & Collectibles During a Move

Grandfather Clock in a Large House

Moving can be a challenging adventure for anyone, especially when dealing with treasured antiques and collectibles. Whether it’s a century-old grandfather clock or a precious china set passed down through generations, these items require special care and attention. Read our simple, step-by-step guides to help you pack your antiques and collectibles confidently, making your move […]

We Handle Storage Unit Moves for Seasonal Items & Decorations

Summer items in a storage unit

Whether you’re relocating items in or out, the sheer volume of belongings and the potential for chaos can be overwhelming. Fortunately, The Moving Company in Springfield, MO, specializes in making storage unit moves stress-free.  We’ll share why entrusting your storage unit to professional movers is a smart decision. Know when to call in the experts […]

Our Guide to Moving in Winter With Quick Hits and Tips

Family Moving in Wintery Conditions

So, you’ve decided to move during the winter months! While moving can be challenging in the best of times, relocating while dealing with icy conditions adds an extra challenge.  The Moving Company shares our ultimate guide for navigating this process.  Winter Move Planning The difficulty with planning a move in the winter is that you […]

Psychology of Spring Cleaning: Why It’s So Satisfying!

Packed Room With a Lot of Clutter

Spring cleaning and moving have a lot of similarities. You’re getting rid of the old and starting something new. Both activities involve a lot of organizing and cleaning. They’re both big projects that don’t happen very often or overnight. Spring cleaning and moving go hand-in-hand because you might deep clean and declutter your home.   You […]

Why Spring Cleaning & Moving Go Hand in Hand

Old stuff to declutter your home

Are you moving this spring or summer? Now that you’ve booked a moving company, it’s time to prep for moving day in a few months. What better way to get ready than to spring clean your home! Why spring clean and move at the same time? We’ve got a few ideas.  Moving & Spring Cleaning […]

5 Fantastic Spring Cleaning Tips Ahead of Your Move

Young Woman Spring Cleaning Ahead of a Move

Did you know that spring cleaning actually de-stresses you? That’s because you’re decluttering your mind as you sweep out the layers of dust, get the blood pumping, and wonder what took you so long to get your home cleanerish. We highly recommend spring cleaning ahead of your move because moving is hectic enough, and you […]