Old stuff to declutter your home

Why Spring Cleaning & Moving Go Hand in Hand

Are you moving this spring or summer? Now that you’ve booked a moving company, it’s time to prep for moving day in a few months. What better way to get ready than to spring clean your home!

Why spring clean and move at the same time? We’ve got a few ideas. 

Moving & Spring Cleaning Both Mark Transitions

Just like spring is the season of renewal, so is moving. It makes sense to combine spring cleaning and moving because you have an opportunity to declutter and organize your items. You’ll need excellent organizational skills when moving from one place to another since it all has to fit somewhere. 

We suggest spring cleaning as you go through the moving process. What can you live without? What do you absolutely need to take with you? Moving is a great time to prioritize your items. 

Why is spring cleaning important when moving?

Moving represents a great opportunity to declutter and eliminate items you no longer need or want. By spring cleaning before you move, you can reduce the amount of stuff you must pack and transport, saving you time, money, and stress. Additionally, starting fresh in a new home with a clean and organized space can help you feel more settled and comfortable. 

And it’s not just about decluttering your physical items. Spring cleaning helps your mind refresh and reset. Consider, too, that moving is a weeks-long process in an ideal world. Spring cleaning can also take several weekends to accomplish. Why not combine both to save you the trouble of spring cleaning next year?

How far in advance should I start spring cleaning before moving?

We highly suggest you start spring cleaning several weeks before your move date. This gives you plenty of time to go through all your belongings and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. Having a two or four-week leeway gives you enough time to deep clean your home and prepare it for the next occupants.

What should I do with items I no longer want or need?

Take a four-way organizational approach to decluttering and spring cleaning when moving:

  1. Items to throw away or recycle
  2. Stuff to donate or give away
  3. Items for a yard sale
  4. Belongings to keep

Research everything in advance, like any rules or regulations about having a yard sale, what you can recycle, and what can be thrown away. Anything you don’t sell, think about donating or throwing away. 

How can I make spring cleaning more efficient?

One way to make spring cleaning more efficient is to break it down into smaller tasks. Make a list of what needs to be done in each room and focus on one room at a time. This can help you stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, enlist the help of family members or friends to make the process go faster.

Strangely enough, these are the same tips we give people preparing for a move! Go room by room to organize your belongings, clean the room from top to bottom, and make moving day easier by having a healthy dose of spring cleaning. 

What should I do with cleaning supplies during the move?

Cleaning supplies may require some special attention, depending on what you have on hand. Moving companies cannot, by federal law, transport common cleaning chemicals on their trucks (even something as innocuous as vinegar or glass cleaner). We recommend either packing your cleaning chemicals in your personal vehicle or getting rid of them and buying new ones when you arrive at your destination, whichever is more convenient . We can’t transport liquids in our trucks.

If you do bring cleaning chemicals with you, follow these tips:

  • Pack cleaning chemicals and supplies separately from other items.
  • Seal liquids in tubs or plastic zipper bags in case they spill.
  • Label the items clearly.
  • Keep them nearby in case you want to do some touch-up cleaning at your new place.

If you’ve got a broom, dust pan, dusters, dust rags, and scrubbers, we can move those in our trucks so long as there isn’t any chemical residue on them.

Should I clean my new home before moving in?

Yes, it’s a good idea to clean your new home before moving in. Even if the previous occupants cleaned before they left, there may still be dust, dirt, and grime that you will want to remove before unpacking. This is also a great opportunity to deep clean your new space and get it ready for your belongings. Plus, if your family has allergies to certain cleaning products or dust mites, cleaning your new place ahead of time (if it’s feasible) can make it better suited for you and your family.

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