Furniture Delivery Service

Buying new furniture but no way of getting it home? The Moving Company can handle your delivery needs! We offer transportation from any store to your home, and provide assembly on necessary items.

Buying new furniture is exciting. It opens up your home and creates a new feel to your space. However, getting it home can be a hassle and stressful. Our job is to ensure that your deliveries arrive safely and as quickly as possible. We consider every factor – from the size and number of items and the distance to the destination, to any special care instructions – to make that happen. We’ll pick up your items from the location you deice up and deliver your items to your home or place of business with care. 

We strive to be dependable, and take the utmost care of your delivery. Call The Moving Company in Springfield, MO to discuss rates and receive a quote for your furniture deliver. We are a delivery services you can trust.

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