Moving to Missouri From Chicago: We Could Do It Cheaper

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Before you think about hiring a moving company in Chicago or even Illinois ahead of moving to Missouri, you should seriously consider hiring a moving company in Missouri. Here’s why. It’s the cost of living. Everything is more expensive in Chicago, including what a moving company will charge you. If you make $70,000 in Chicago, […]

What Do Some of Our Customers Say?

Moving Company Truck at a Residence

At The Moving Company, all of us take pride in our work. We’ve had more than 750 5-star reviews left for us on Google (and counting). We move people anywhere, including a move from Hawaii to the mainland (we met them in California). And we’ve made many friends over the years in the thousands of […]

Count on Us to Make Your Money Count

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Time is money. Whether you’re an employee on the clock or paying for a service, you want to get your money’s worth, so to speak. At The Moving Company, we’re not only movers who give a damn but also a company where you can count on us to make your money count. Here’s how we […]

Three Value Propositions to Look for When Hiring a Moving Company

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You’ve got plenty of options when hiring a moving company in Springfield, Missouri. And they all offer the same basic services. How do you pick which one to handle your valued possessions, family heirlooms, and furniture? The key is to examine the three primary value propositions each moving company gives you when you book one […]