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Moving to Missouri From Chicago: We Could Do It Cheaper

Before you think about hiring a moving company in Chicago or even Illinois ahead of moving to Missouri, you should seriously consider hiring a moving company in Missouri.

Here’s why.

It’s the cost of living. Everything is more expensive in Chicago, including what a moving company will charge you. If you make $70,000 in Chicago, you would need to make $51,145 to have the same lifestyle in Springfield, Missouri, where we’re located, according to this handy calculator from Forbes.

We Can Move You for Less Than a Chicago-Based Moving Company

It’s about 500 miles from Chicago to Springfield. If you hire a moving company in Chicago, they’ll charge you for a 1,000-mile trip, just like we would. Why? Because their crew has to return home. They’ll charge you for there and back, just like we would. They arrive at your house, pack your stuff into the trucks, move to Missouri, unpack the trucks, and return to their home base in Chicago.

We have the exact same process, just in a slightly different way. We drive from Springfield to Chicago to get to your house, pack your stuff into the trucks, move you to Missouri, unpack the trucks, and the return trip to our home base is much shorter at the end. 

But we travel the same miles as the crew in Chicago if you’re moving to Springfield. 

We might even be able to get you a competitive quote for moving you to Kansas City from Chicago, even though we’re based in Springfield, Missouri.

It never hurts to ask us for a quote, and we’d be happy to talk to you.

Moving From Chicago to Missouri Is More Than Just Finding a Good Rate

The key is the value you get for your move. You may well get what you pay for. A cheap moving company will hire cheap labor. However, our moving company in Springfield, Missouri, might get you a better quote than your Chicago moving company because our everyday expenses aren’t as high.

If you’re moving to Missouri from Chicago, call us at (417) 501-9128 for more details.