Moving an Apartment

The Most Common Reasons We See Apartment Moves in Springfield, Missouri

Change is inevitable, and one of the most common changes people experience is moving from one apartment to another. 

The U.S. Census found that 50% of renters had moved within the past two years. So, if you’re searching for a new apartment, you’re not alone. We’ll share why people move to and from Springfield, Missouri, and what we can do to help you out.

1. Career Change

An extremely common motivation to look for a new apartment is a career change. 

New Job Offer

A promising career opportunity in a new city or location can often be the catalyst for an apartment move. Individuals may receive enticing job offers requiring them to relocate, whether for a higher salary, career advancement, or a more fulfilling role.

Unexpected Job Loss

Conversely, losing employment may necessitate downsizing, seeking more affordable housing options, and looking for a new job in a different city. 

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Individuals facing unemployment may relocate to areas with lower living costs to better manage their expenses during challenging times.

2. Relationship Changes

Romantic relationships can develop and change, which is another reason someone might look for a new apartment. 


Many people seek a fresh start after a divorce or separation by moving to a new apartment. Relocating to a different neighborhood or community can provide a sense of closure, allowing people to take on a new chapter in their lives.

Marriages or New Relationships

Entering into a new relationship often involves merging lives and living arrangements. People may move to a new apartment to live with their partner or accommodate an expanding family. 

3. Changing Family Needs

Family changes are another important reason people move in and around Springfield. We’ve listed some common examples here. 

School District or New School

Parents prioritize their kid’s education, leading them to look for apartment options in neighborhoods with reputable schools. 

Moving to a new apartment within a better school district gives children access to quality education, pushing many parents to move. 

Closer to Loved Ones

During life changes like the need for familial support, people relocate to be closer to loved ones. Looking for a new apartment closer to parents, grandparents, children, or extended family is typical when someone needs a caregiver or extra support. 

Downsizing or Needing More Space

Changes in family dynamics, like kids moving out or the arrival of new family members, often prompt individuals to reassess their living arrangements. 

Empty nesters or retirees may downsize to a smaller apartment, while growing families may seek larger living spaces to accommodate more people. 

4. Financial Issues

Housing and finances are directly linked together. When a financial situation changes significantly, your home will too. 

Rent Increases

It’s no secret that rent is continuing to rise. In January of this year, we already saw a 3.4% increase. 

Rent hikes can significantly impact tenants, pricing people out of their apartments. Many choose to relocate to apartments with more affordable rent to mitigate rising costs.

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Debt or Foreclosure

Financial hardships such as mounting debt or the threat of foreclosure can force individuals to consider alternative housing options. 

Relocating to more affordable apartments or downsizing to a smaller place helps to regain financial stability and alleviate some financial stress. 

5. Change of Scenery

Finally, and most simply, sometimes people need to switch things up. 

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Maybe we just want a fresh environment, new experiences, or expanded opportunities for personal growth. Whether exploring a different city or pursuing a new lifestyle, wanting a change motivates many people to move apartments. 

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