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Why It’s Cheaper to Hire Us When Moving to Missouri From These 6 Areas

As you plan your move to Missouri, there is one thing you need to seriously consider if you’re going to hire a moving company. 

Is it cheaper to hire a moving company where you are or where you’re moving to?

It’s a valid question because the cost of living is generally less in Missouri than in many other states. That means the price of hiring a moving company in your hometown may be exorbitantly more expensive than one in Missouri. The miles both moving companies will drive are the same.

Missouri had 163,000 people move here in 2022. Where are all of these people moving from? Why are they moving away from these places? 

We’ll look at six states and the reasons people move away from them. Then, we’ll analyze how much cheaper it is in Missouri than your current state of residence. The goal is to show how much you might save when hiring a moving company from Missouri versus one where you’re at. You can start with this cost of living comparison calculator.

1. Moving to Missouri From California

    More than 800,000 people moved away from California in 2021 and 2022. Reasons, according to Business Insider, include a high cost of living, politics, and too much crime. 12,000 people from California settled in Missouri in 2022, the third-highest total. 

    It’s probably too dang crowded. One-eighth of the U.S. population lives in about 4 percent of the country’s total land area. And there are 251 people living in one square mile. That’s a lot.

    How’s the weather out there? There are wildfires during one season and floods during another. Then, there might be the occasional earthquake.

    Next are the financial numbers. Let’s say you live in Fresno and make $100,000 a year. You move to Springfield, Missouri, where we’re headquartered (but we’ll move people anywhere). To maintain your current standard of living, you would need to make $78,000 in Springfield versus Fresno. It’s 22% cheaper to live here (just look at our gas prices). 

    We’re guessing hiring a moving company in Missouri is going to be much less expensive than one in Fresno. We invite you to shop around. We’ll 

    2. Moving to Missouri From New York

      More than half a million people moved away from New York in 2022. The cost of living was a huge reason why. Is it too cold up there? Probably. Many New Yorkers left for neighboring states, but those may not be cost-effective. 

      USA Today says that the top two reasons people moved in 2022 were to improve their quality of life and a lower cost of living. You can do both in Missouri. Wide-open spaces and natural areas combine with a lower cost of living and weather that’s never too extreme. Sure, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but not like an entire month of 110+ in Arizona or 3 feet of snow like Buffalo.

      Now for some numbers. It’s 17% cheaper to live in Springfield, Missouri, compared to Syracuse, New York. Making $100,000 a year in ‘Cuse means you only need to earn $83,000 in Southwest Missouri.

      No, we’re not a travel agency. We just want you to get the most out of your investment when you move.

      3. Moving to Missouri From Illinois

        There are several reasons why people move away from Illinois. High taxes are one reason, and a declining job market is another. Springfield has plenty of jobs and a low unemployment rate (historically and currently). There’s high-speed internet everywhere if you love remote work. And our taxes are lower (especially property taxes).

        Moving to Missouri from Illinois is easier than moving from New York or California. It’s right next door. More than 20,000 people moved to Missouri from Illinois in 2022, the second-highest of any state. 

        Especially if you’re from Chicago, a moving company in Missouri is going to be cheaper than one in the Windy City. The numbers speak volumes. 

        The cost of living is 25% lower in Springfield than Chicago. You’d only have to earn $75,000 to have the same standard of living here. It’s a good bet that your moving company will be about 25% more expensive than us. Again, call us for a quote.

        4. Moving to Missouri From Washington State

          More than 250,000 people moved away from Washington State in 2021 and 2022. Most moved to surrounding states. Others moved to Florida or Texas, probably to enjoy warmer weather and get more sunshine. More than 4,500 people moved to Missouri from Washington in 2022.

          So, you want more sunshine than Seattle? Springfield gets 210 days of sunshine a year, and there is a change of seasons (unlike Florida and Texas, where it’s just rain or no rain). 

          If you’re moving from Seattle, we’ve got a surprise for you. The cost of living is a whopping 42% lower in Springfield. And you’ll get 60 more days of vitamin D without cold winters and 3 feet of snow in the mountains. It only snows about 12 inches in total every winter here. And your moving company will be a heckuva lot cheaper!

          5. Moving to Missouri From Arizona

            Why are people moving away from Arizona? It’s too crowded because people are moving there from California because Arizona is cheaper to live in. But it’s becoming more expensive to rent or buy a home thanks to higher demand. 

            Another reason? It’s too damn hot. We don’t buy the “it’s a dry heat” excuse when you had a whole month of 110+ degrees like Phoenix did in July 2023.

            Yeah, the cost of living in Phoenix is less than in California. But Springfield, Missouri, is 17% cheaper than Phoenix. Your moving costs might be lower, too, when moving to Missouri from Arizona.

            1. Moving to Missouri From Florida

            Nearly 10,000 people moved to Missouri from Florida in 2022. That was the fourth-highest of any state that year! Why? Some reasons are obvious

            It’s too crowded. Home insurance is too expensive because of the hurricanes. You’re tired of finding gators in your backyard every week. And people set their pet snakes free when they can’t take care of them anymore. The beaches are too crowded. And there are jellyfish and sharks there. Tired of dealing with a month’s worth of spring breakers invading your city every March? 

            Springfield doesn’t have any of those problems. Florida is too expensive. Let’s say you’re moving here from Tampa. The cost of living is 12 percent lower in Springfield. And you won’t have to evacuate Missouri every September when the next hurricane comes through.

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